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After reserving your tree, check these guidelines for important decorating info! Thank you for participating in this year’s Tinsel Trail!

Important Dates:

Tree Selection Day:
Saturday, November 18, 2023 12pm-2pm

Tree Decorating Days:
Saturday, November 18, 2023 - Thursday, November 23, 2023

Supplies to bring:

  • OUTDOOR LED LIGHTS ONLY. No exceptions. If we find Non-LED lights tripping the electrical breakers, we will unplug the lights and they will need to replaced with outdoor LED lights.

  • Extension cord must be an OUTDOOR extension cord. If we find Non-Outdoor extension cords tripping the electrical breakers, we will unplug the cord and it will need to be replaced with an outdoor extension cord.

  • Decorations must be able to withstand outdoor conditions, wind and rain. Please use zip-ties, pipe cleaners, string, or other ties to secure your decorations securely.

  • Plastic drop cloth or other covering for the fence and grass if you plan to spray paint your tree.

  • You may want to bring a step ladder. Trees range in height from 6 feet tall.


When you arrive at the ARTS CENTER

  • On the Tree Selection Day, the check-in table will be set up with a GCT Memorial Foundation representative on the lawn of the Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach and Waterfront Park. Please check-in to receive your tree sign.

  • You will "claim" your tree with your sign.

  • BRING YOUR LIGHTS. Your LED lights and extension cord must be checked before decorating your tree.


Decorating tips & rules:

  • Make sure your decorations are rain and wind safe. Trees will be standing outside in the elements for over 30 days.

  • Secure ornaments to trees using zip ties, pipe cleaner, string, wire or other ties. Ornament hooks will fall off in the wind.

  • Do not use water-soluble glue on ornaments.

  • Spray any fabrics with Scotch Guard to prevent mildew.

  • If you plan to spray paint your tree, please bring a drop cloth to protect the fence and grass. Be mindful of your neighbors and the wind when spray painting.

  • Please make sure to have an outdoor-rated extension cord and LED lights. This will help to make that process go smoothly. Thank you!

  • There should be NO decorations or additional signage in front of the fence except for your tree sign issued by GCT Memorial Foundation. Additional signs may be placed behind the fence.

  • A GCT Memorial Foundation representative will check trees daily and will notify you of any lights or decorations that need to be maintained.

  • You have until November 24, 2023 to complete the decorations.

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