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About Lessonz

 Story of Lessonz by Jennifer Parker

Garner moved back home after living with a few guys in a house, and as you can imagine–four boys in a house together at the age of 20–you can’t clean that kind of a mess. It was really a life lesson experience for Garner. I was so happy to have him home though. We got to laugh together, eat dinner together, and I got to hear his alarm clock go off twenty times before he got up to go to work at 7:00.

Getting back to the story of Lessonz, it took Garner several weeks to move out of that house, with the help of a few good friends, of course. The first thing he moved back home was his bed, and I felt like he was growing up. Two days before the accident, it was a Wednesday, he said “ Mom, I am never signing a lease with four other guys–that place was a mess, and I don’t know how much extra we are going to have to pay to clean it up. I won’t sign a lease with anyone else but my future wife.” I responded it’s a lesson learned. I can still see where he was standing, about to take a shower and go meet some friends, when he started telling me about his great idea to start a hoodie/t-shirt company and call it Lessonz. “You know lessons, but with a “z”, he said. He wanted to order 150 t-shirts and I told him he may want to wait to order until he found out how much the clean-up fee would be. The night of the accident, I saw a missed call from Garner at about 6:45. I called him back as soon as I saw he called and I got to tell him I loved him and he said, “I love you.” That was the last time I talked to him, and that’s a “Lessonz” in itself. It was Garner’s vision, and Lessonz we can all learn from.

Seatbelt Facts

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 8.15.50 PM.png


Lives save by seat belts

in 2017

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 8.15.50 PM.png


People involved in car crashes

that involved a teen driver

(15 - 18 years old) in 2019.

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 8.15.50 PM.png


Additional lives seat belts 

could have saved if everyone

would have buckled up.

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 8.15.50 PM.png


Of the teen drivers who died in 

2019 were unbuckled.

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